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Why Tennis Coach Joshua Denault Is Accused Of Sex Crimes Against Children

Joshua Denault, a former youth tennis coach in Brown County is in custody facing accusations of sex crimes against children.

June 11, 2024
Icon Arrow Top Right June 10, 2024 Was I Molested and Don’t Remember?

It is important to recognize the signs and ways for identifying memories associated with molestation. Recalling suppressed memories of molestation requires an intricate approach that should be handled with caution and professional support.

Icon Arrow Top Right May 1, 2024 Sex Trafficking Statistics 

Human and sex trafficking is a $150 billion dollar industry, spread across numerous business sectors. Sex trafficking accounts for 79% of all reported trafficking crimes, with women and girls being the primary targets of this type of trafficking. Awareness of sex trafficking statistics is one part of ending the system.

Icon Arrow Top Right April 22, 2024 What is a Rape Kit?

Whether or not to report the assault to the police is a question that often weighs heavily on survivors. While the collection of a rape kit does not mandate reporting to law enforcement, it does preserve the option should the survivor choose to report later.

Icon Arrow Top Right April 22, 2024 Signs of Sexual Abuse

According to the WHO, sexual exploitation and abuse can have severe and long-lasting consequences for survivors, including physical injuries, emotional trauma, and negative effects on mental health. It's essential to look out for the warning signs of sexual abuse and provide resources to those affected.

Icon Arrow Top Right February 27, 2024 Types of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse (also called sexual assault or sexual violence) is unacceptable. The long-lasting effects of these heinous crimes can affect everyone differently. We're here to raise awareness and give survivors a supportive place to turn. Read on to review the different types of sexual abuse and the impact it can have.

Icon Arrow Top Right February 12, 2024 What Is Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse is a highly traumatic experience that can occur in various contexts, including within relationships, families, institutions, or by strangers. Talking about sexual abuse builds awareness and helps survivors know where — and how — to get the help they need.

Icon Arrow Top Right September 29, 2023 Was I Sexually Abused?

Due to the complex nature of sexual abuse, it may take a long time before some survivors discover or learn that they were abused. If you are wondering whether a sexual encounter or behavior was sexual abuse, read on to learn more.

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