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Sexual Abuse Support Groups Near Me

Sexual Abuse Support Groups Near Me

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RAINN reports that sexual violence is unfortunately all too common: One person in America is sexually assaulted every 68 seconds. Healing from trauma can be difficult but you don’t need to do it alone. Support groups help survivors reclaim their voices by sharing their stories and listening to others. When we lean on others for support, they help lift us up too. Support groups help reduce the stigma that could be attached to sexual assaults and create a social safety net. 

Overcoming the effects of violence can be done through many avenues like trauma-informed individual therapy, psychiatry, self-care, and more. Support groups may be led by a licensed and trained professional or others might be peer-led. With both, others’ accounts can help provide insight and tips for healing or even just ward off the seclusion that is often attached to emerging from trauma. 

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Not all support groups are the same, even those treating trauma. Some groups might focus on certain types of trauma and others might center on a certain type of treatment like DBT or trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy. If you have a therapist or other mental healthcare provider, they might be able to recommend a group or other mental health resource near you. 

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National Sexual Abuse Support Groups Near Me

Survivors of sexual assault and sexual abuse looking for national support groups can start by looking at these:

SNAP: Survivors of Network of Those Abused by Priests: Support groups near you. Support group locations by country

ASCA: Adult Survivors of Child Abuse: Online ASCA meetings. In-person meetings. More information on meetings is here

1IN6: To support male survivors of childhood and adult sexual abuse. Weekly Support Groups. For more resources near you, find groups for male survivors by state here.

The Trevor Project: for over two decades, the Trevor Project has supported LGBTQ youth and allies in creating a safe and inclusive world for people of all sexualities and genders. TrevorSpace is an online space for LGBTQ youth between 13 and 24. 

NAMI: The National Alliance of Mental Alliance provides support to those experiencing a range of conditions, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more. Follow this link to find a local NAMI organization near you